Think like a diver – part 1 and 2

By Jena Griffiths | May 27, 2013

“Fear is excitement without the breath.” Fritz Perls
The principles of getting out of a dark place
1. add more air (lightness) to go up (For example gratitude, appreciation even if you don’t know why.)
2. trust – like deep divers, we are always connected.
3. remember to breathe
Here are my thoughts about how you can use the diving analogy to get yourself out of a dark place or to shift in a flash thanks to understanding your own fingerprints.

Background thinking:
The initiation process we are all engaged in is learning that you can change your reality by consciously changing your emotional response to any event. For example, by learning to manage your energy through re-framing (choosing a different interpretation of what happened or why) plus self compassion/acceptance and forgiveness. This enables you to shift vibrationally and thereby changing outcomes. Hence the formula: doing your sacred work (conscious awareness and acceptance of yourself while wrestling with your life themes) unlocks your life purpose.
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Think like a Diver
Part 1
Part 2
More on using fingerprints to get out of a dark place.

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