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Markus Hirzig
Markus Hirzig on fear. 15 January 2019 and
Markus Hirzig on burnout. 18 December 2017 – access replays in Earthuni
September 29, 2017. Jena interviewed Markus Hirzig on
the game of curiosity and safety

Markus spoke about safety and security as the base of our development. We discussed the drive for innovation and change versus safety/belonging. What does belonging have to do with safety and why is this important for you to know right now. How do we dare to move on, and risk change, even if the world doesn’t agree or support us? Replay is in Earthuni.

Tuesday, 12 September 2017, Drs Ingeborg Bosch on Past Reality Integration.
How your past negatively impacts your present life.
Access replay here

Top 5 Earth School calls from previous years, prior to 2016.

Dr Judith Kravitz

Breath As Cure
To Depression

Nicholas Janni
Nicholas Janni

Awakened Leadership
Byron Katie

4 Questions that can
Change your life

Richard Unger

Richard Moss
Richard Moss

the soul’s mirror
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The Courage To Shine
– NaNA DiviNa
The Courage To Shine
Being Happy Now is Easy

– Mahima Klinge
Being Happy Now is Easy
Phyllis Krystal in Earth School Connect With Your
Higher Wisdom

– Phyllis Krystal

Connect With Your
Higher Wisdom

the shaman of pleasure Self empowerment

– Stewart Blackburn – the shaman of pleasure
Self Empowerment
Panic. What to do?

– Lucy Peerenboom
Panic. What to do?
inner guidance, channel, zurich Surrendering to higher guidance

– Catherine Mesot
Surrendering to higher guidance
Prit Gill Healer burnout

– Dr Prit Gill MD
Healer burnout
Refusing Negative Energy

– Ray Clements
Zor – Refusing Negative Energy
Living from higher consciousness

– Stephen Busby
Living from higher consciousness
Solving Clutter
and Indecision

– Sue Rasmussen
Solving Clutter
and Indecision
Reconnect with feminine power

– Samiel
Reconnect with feminine power
Richard Moss European tour On healing the Inner Critic
– Richard Moss MD
Healing the Inner Critic
manifesting together Collective manifestation

– Melissa Wadsworth
Collective manifestation
Can cows save the planet?- Thomas Rippel Can Cows Save the Planet?
deep field relaxation, DFR, healing Deep Field Relaxation

– Galina Sanderson
Deep Field Relaxation
vedic maths, vedic mathematics, brisbane Vedic Mathematics

– Arvind Prasad
Vedic Mathematics
Nutritionist in Zurich Switzerland Your Gut: the power within

– Claudette Lucien
Your Gut: the power within
Kris North healing tao uk Taoist Practices

– Kris North
Kris North on Taoism
Tao of
Feminine Empowerment

– Anamarta
Anamarta on Ancient Secrets for modern women
chinese medicine, zurich Chinese medicine and longevity

– Ling Na Cheng
Chinese medicine and longevity
whole voice therapy, zurich Finding your Whole Voice

– Noah Pikes
Whole Voice
healing grief On Healing Grief and Rage

– Karin Andersson Hagelin
On healing Grief

finding your calling, life purpose, soul calling Birthing your sacred work

– Tomar Levine
Birthing your sacred work
Marina Borruro Present –
Surrendering to what is

– Marina Borruro
Present –
Surrendering to what is
Richard Moss healing
the inner critic
– Richard Moss
Healing- the inner critic/a>
Kind eyes meditation Being the Change

– Jitendra Darling
Being the Change, Transforming our Economy
Burnout the soul’s perspective
– Lille Springall
Burnout from the Soul’s perspective
Business tutorial

– Anuradha Kowtha
Hand Analysis as part of your business
Hand shape and personality

– Richard Unger

Hand shape and career
Awaken the Genie Within

– Linda Salazar
Awaken the Genie within
Rapid Eye Practitioner Rapid Eye Technique (RET)

– Sandy Schafer
RET+ Hand Analysis
Illuminating Life Purpose with EFT and Hand Analysis.

– Kay Packard
EFT + Hand Analysis
The importance of knowing yourself

– Edson Williams
Importance of knowing yourself
How to have a successful coaching or consulting business

– Jack Vincent
Successful Consulting Business
Freeing yourself
with Access Consciousness
– Gary Douglas
Freeing yourself
The Fox Factor

– Andy Habermacher
The Fox Factor
Family Complications
– Lori Latimer
Family Complications
How to create a relationship
that’s fun and easy
– Dr Kacie Crisp
Relationships that are fun and easy
The Masculine Heart
– Dr Robert Kandabjian
The Masculine Heart
Healing the Dynamics between Men and Women

– Natalia Baker
Healing the Dynamics between Men and Women
author of  There is life after whats-his-name How to heal when
a relationship ends
– Susan Russo
How to heal from a relationship
Letting go of fear
– Rhinda Fairless
Letting go of fear
rachelle fürer Are you really responsible?
– Rachelle Fuerer
Are you really responsible?
Shamanic journeys in Europe June 2011 Mother healing
– Itzhak Beery
Mother healing
Dr Polly Young-Eisendrath Are we sabotaging our children?
– Polly Young-Eisendrath
Are we sabotaging our children?
Shamanic journeys in Europe June 2011 Power animals
– Itzhak Beery
How Power Animals Can Help
purpleV Does the Inner Critic have a positive side?
– Vaishali
A positive side to the Inner Critic
Shamanic journeys in Europe June 2011 Depression and Burnout from a Shamanistic Perspective
– Itzhak Beery
Depression and Burnout from a Shamanistic Perspective
Michelle Hardwick Healing the heart of depression with EFT
– Michelle Hardwick
Healing the heart of depression
ilahinoor healing energy founder Cures for spiritual depression:
Ilahinoor – Kiara Windrider
Mood Swings and Depression – Dr Raffealla Colombo MD Mood management and sleep

Paid Interview Series

In future there will be classes with other experts. These will take place in Earthuni where the focus is on grounding heaven on Earth. This is about light-hearteness, and playfulness but also about getting more real and more fully embodied in order to anchor our highest dreams for humanity wherever we are on Earth. If you would like to see your classes here please contact Jena Griffiths.
What currently exists on this site is 6 years of interviews and classes with Richard Unger.
earth school interview series with richard unger author of lifeprints
Over the years, Jena has interviewed Richard Unger, the world authority on hand analysis, on most of the above topics and many many more. Richard gave new insights into each of these conditions from his unique perspective.

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