Jean Houston and awakening to your life purpose

By Jena Griffiths | May 20, 2013

“Stop boring God!” Jean Houston

I’m currently immersing myself in the work of Jean Houston and am amazed at how similar her work is to ours.
We’ve been talking quite a lot about “the big you and the little you” as a powerful way of working with Richard Unger’s LifePrints fingerprints system. Can the “big you” (your higher self) hold and support the “little you” on your journey towards living your purpose?
Interestingly, Jean also refers to this internal relationship with your higher self. She calls the “higher self” by the Greek term “entelechy” – the perfect form of something or your actualized self. She also calls the higher self, “the Great Friend” or “the Friend” and gives powerful exercises for contacting it and working with it. Such as visualizing it in front of you, your hands touching. Making contact daily with your higher self is great self support and helps you align with your purpose.

Jean also has some great techniques on how to improve a physical skill or your health or confidence.
You jump into your ideal body image. But you could also use this technique to step into a fuller version of yourself.

How to do this?

First you become aware of your kinesthetic body. For example, you raise your real right hand a few times, then you imagine raising your right hand without physically moving. (You raise your kinesthetic right hand.) You do the same with your left hand and then with moving right or left, lunges or other movements. Back and forth, alternating between moving the real and then only the kinesthetic body. (The body of muscular imagination).

Then jump backwards and forwards in your real body, and then again just imagine jumping backwards and forwards (your kinesthetic body).
Then once you are used to working with your kinesthetic body, you imagine your ideal body in front of you and then jump into it.

Sportsmen use this exercise to improve a skill (eg tennis). You practice real mastery in your mind’s eye – in your kinesthetic body. (The body of muscular imagination).

What I like about Jean’s work
Her work resonates deeply. There are so many similarities with what we are doing here in Earth School. I think her work offers us perfect follow up exercises for activating life purpose, particularly once someone has had his or her fingerprints analyzed. You know your purpose. Now what? How to activate this – Jean’s work is the natural next step. A lot of her exercises are very sensory and kinesthetic. That’s great because hand analysis is very analytical (its helps you interpret/reinterpret events/reinvent yourelf.) Jean suggests dancing out your intentions, using rhythm and ritual. This is a great addition the vision boarding I usually recommend.
Interestingly Jean also talks about developing and working with an inner mastermind, which is precisely what we do in Earth School, but she uses the phrase “your inner crew” of personas that you can call on. Each one is a master that can share his/her expertise with you. For example, the cook, the teacher, the healer, the mother, the artist and so on. She advises using unexpected personas to solve a problem. Eg. get the cook in you to help with your writing project.
Working with your inner mastermind, finding the key players and getting them to work as a team, is the basis of our work here in Earth School. So I’m delighted to discover some new ways of doing this.

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