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By Jena Griffiths | December 12, 2011

Post updated 2020
In 2008 (2 years prior to creating Earth School) I set out to interview all leading hand readers at that time across numerous systems of thought with the view to finding common ground. After interviewing Richard Unger and Birla, all the other thought leaders from totally different systems whom I wished to interview turned down my offer so I interviewed a few of Richard’s former students. This made me aware of the fact that a lot of former students weren’t aware of Richard’s more recent work.
I subsequently changed my project and, instead of focusing on numerous schools of thought, decided to focus primarily on Richard Unger’s work, particularly his more recent thinking. This turned into a 6 year project where I interviewed Richard weekly for students around the world in Earth School. The objective was to record his thinking for future generations and to create a searchable library for professional hand analysts so that they could understand the original thinking. You can access a number of calls from the Richard Unger Library here.
I’ve made many of the recordings with Richard freely available below.
Go on a video tour of the entire library View here
You can also purchase life time access to the searchable reference library with over 360 hours of classes with Richard.

Some free calls over the years

Richard Unger on Life Purpose from Fingerprints (2008)

Download Replay

Richard Unger (2016 Two video calls with Richard on broken life lines here
Richard’s new work on advanced hand shape (2014) See the new free video series – 5 new videos on hand shape archetypes here.
Scroll down for the replay of the first free Earth School call with Richard Unger (2011).
On the Simian line and several other topics.
We’ve also edited the call into shorter topic specific clips.

During the call we discussed broken life lines, simian lines, warts and wounds as well as Richard’s recent work on advanced hand shapes and his new fast track system for training students’ eyes to identify advanced shape types to narrow down life purpose options.
We also announced a new 2 year course on advanced hand shape series of classes that Richard will be offering in Earth School.
The reference page for this call

Listen to or download the entire recording:

The reference page for this call

Listen to only the sections that interest you

I purposefully interviewed Richard on topics where people tend to get beaten up due to misinformation in old books and on various websites.
Broken Life Lines
16 minutes 51

The Simian Line
15 minutes

Video version of this call

Warts and Wounds
11 minutes

Advanced hand shapes
32 minutes

MP3 File

Here’s the full transcript of all the above calls. The transcript includes the last 10 minutes on hand shapes that was not on the recording.

Second Free Call on Advanced Hand Shapes + Video

We decided to do a second call on hand shape (where we discussed 3 more archetypes).
Access this call + video + reference document here.
The video on hand shape

Over the years Richard has identified over 65 personality characteristics that can be identified through hand shape. Some of these indicators come from early palmists from previous generations and were verified by Richard Unger: a few from Fred Gettings (Earth, Air, Fire and Water), a few from D’Arpigny (Elemental, Philosopher, Conic, pointy tips), a few from Benham related to finger length, enlarged finger zones and finger tips shapes. Many hand analysts from around the world are now using Richard’s advanced hand shapes model.

Reference Library with Richard
Go on a video tour of the entire library Access here
You can also purchase life time access to the searchable reference library with over 360 hours of classes with Richard. Access here

For more about Richard’s advanced hand shape classes
12 more hand shapes

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2 Responses to “Replay of free interviews with Richard Unger”

  1. sebastian bur Says:
    September 26th, 2019 at 9:54 pm

    hi Jenna,

    I am a very enthuisiastic palmreader (also from switzerland) and love the way richard talks about hands. I was wondering if there are more videos with him? I gobbled down that information – i simply loved those two sessions available. I intend to do the courses eventually, i simply have no money right now. I am so intrigued to learn more about the purpose in the fingerprints! Thanks so much for putting some information aout here for free, know that it is really appreciated from my side!

  2. Jena Griffiths Says:
    November 25th, 2019 at 7:57 am

    Hi Sebastian

    Apologies only seeing your comment here now. There are a lot of free calls with him available, on hand shape and on broken lines and one from each of the other series we did. You’ll find them in the reference library. Foundation courses that I offer are a good way to go if funds are limited.

    And good luck your side!