Phyllis Krystal joins Earth School

By Jena Griffiths | June 9, 2012

She turned me away when I got to the door! Turned out I was early and some clients were still with her. Funny how things turn out, as if prearranged.
Phyllis Krystal in Earth School
This gave me an opportunity to meet two beautiful healers from Freiberg, Friederike and Bengt Jacoby, who agreed to stay on and film the interview.

During our interview I felt rather cramped knowing it was being videoed. I abandoned my notes and pre-planned questions and just asked her what came to mind instead.

Phyllis told us a bit about her life and a hijacking incident in the 70s when the plane she and her husband were traveling on was set alight by 2 hijackers. Miraculously the plane was landed and all passengers got off before the plane and all their luggage was blown to smithereens. If you’d like to know how she managed to avert what could have been a catastrophe, listen to the replay.
She also shared with us a bit about food and blood types, her practice of Tai Chi and the importance of connecting to one’s higher self. Plus a daily exercise how to do this using the maypole.
We also discussed why her “cutting ties” exercise needs two weeks to be effective and why it should not be done in one day as some other healers are using it.

Phyllis has so much wisdom and experience. The good news is she’s agreed to join us in Earth School to share her wisdom and answer questions every Wednesday in future.
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More information about this coming soon.

Here are some links to Phyllis’s exercises. You can get the rest through her books and workbooks in Amazon and elsewhere. She also has some beautiful cards to remind yourself of the various exercises.
What I love about Phyllis’s work is the simplicity of each exercise she offers. Each one is a powerful tool and the colorful imagery make it possible to even teach these exercises to children.

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