Exploring two Giftmarkings – Mercury Stars and Lines of Genius

By Jena Griffiths | May 3, 2014

gift markings, gift markers, hand analysis online classes, mercury starThis month the focus is on two gift markings – Mercury Stars and Lines of Genius. These two gift markers close cousins as both are Mercury/Hermes types. Still, in many ways they are quite different. For example, “Mercury stars” indicate a natural talent for dreaming up ingenious ideas, whereas “Lines of Genius” is a gift for mass communication – writing or public speaking – a gift for both personalizing and simplifying complicated information in a way that makes it suddenly understandable. The name of this marker is a misnomer, as the talent is for communication rather than genius or IQ. Personally I think that every human is born a genius. This faculty gets shut down in most of us through social conditioning and education. If you’d like to reawaken your genius check out project renaissance.
How can hands help? They are visual reminders that each of us is sitting on a gold mine of untapped potential.
Our topic calls exploring these two gift markers with Richard Unger are on Tuesday May 6 & 13, 2014. We’ll be diving deeply into the meaning and implications of both these gift markers, exploring Richard’s point of view and experience after 40 years of observing people who have these talents. This is a great opportunity for you to learn about gift markings directly from Richard. There’s a recording if you can’t make the live call. Join this series here.

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