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Earth School is packed with free interviews across a broad range of self help topics. The focus is on unlocking human potential. It is an oasis and a resource center and a vast reference library with over 4 years of detailed, in depth classes and interviews at your finger tips. There are also specialist classes leading off the open auditorium. These are for advanced, intermediate and beginner hand analysts. A way for your to broaden your understanding about topics that occupy your clients. A short cut that’ll shave years off your learning curve. And a rare opportunity to learn directly, and continue learning, from the genius behind modern hand analysis. No matter what your budget.

How much does it cost to join?

The seats in the main auditorium are free. You can attend all the free calls by registering in Earth School. This also gives you access to lots of free resources in the member’s zone, free trials of paid classes and notifications of forthcoming calls.

Specialist classes with Richard Unger

Beyond the free auditorium there are specialist classes that have been ongoing for the last 4 years. These classes are paid. They form a vast, continuously growing reference library with detailed reference documents, highlighted hand prints and replays that you can unlock as required.

Richard Unger, founder of International Institute of hand Analysis All specialist classes in Earth School are with the world authority on hand analysis, Richard Unger.

Richard is the genius behind modern hand analysis with over 40 years experience in this field.
Every week, Jena Griffiths interviews him in depth on a different topic.
This is a continuing education program and an easy way for you to access this vast treasure house of knowledge.
Join us live every Tuesday or listen to replays whenever is best for you.
One class a month is ideal for everyone. (Topic calls) This year we are exploring Gift Markers.
We dive deep, and always touch on totally new material and new levels of understanding and application.
The second class each month is a practical class – for intermediate and advanced analysts.
This class teaches you to focus on what’s important and how to put everything together. (The art of threading)
Naturally, new material surfaces all the time. And you can ask questions live and submit your clients’ hand prints.
You can attend a few of these classes free to see if they are for you when you register for the main auditorium.
The 3rd and 4th weeks each month we explore advanced hand shapes. This is Richard’s latest work.
These hand shape classes have been happening in Earth School during the last 2 and a half years, if you haven’t attended these classes or taken advanced or master classes directly with Richard in this period, get on board as soon as you possibly can.

You can access all previous hand shape calls or join us monthly, twice monthly or weekly.

Tuesdays with Richard

Learn directly from Richard Every Tuesday in Earth School.
First Tuesday of the month – Topic call (in 2014 we’re exploring Gift markers)
Second Tuesday of the month – Hand analysis Grad class- Advanced Threading practical
Third and forth Tuesdays – Hand shapes – the advanced archetypes.
Click here to watch a free video series on hand shape types.

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Why Join Earth School’s Inner Circle?

Benefits for hand analysts:

“An expert is a student first, teacher second and servant always.” Brendon Burchard

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Previous calls in the series
Here are some of the topics already covered: The life lessons, Gina Rehab, 39 Steps to living on Purpose, Depression, Can’t Say No, Burnout, Indecision, Solving Relationship Problems, Dealing with the Inner critic, Crossroad choices – A Life in Transition, Life on a roller-coaster, Responsibility vs Irresponsibility, Success vs Failure, Family Complications and lots more.
Purchase previous topic classes here.

Earth School Post Grad

Besides the monthly topic calls, there are also advanced threading classes with Richard Unger every month.
This is a post grad class for advanced and master hand analysts who are serious about staying ahead of the field. Beginner hand analysts are welcome.
Nothing beats jumping into the deep end for rapid learning.
Find out more about these advanced threading calls here.
There’s a discount if you plan to join more than one class per month:
Membership options.

Queries or alternative payment plans?
Click here to contact Earth School via email

Looking forward to having you with us in this growing community.

What people are saying

- Linda Bard
Advanced Hand Analyst

I’ve being reading hands for 20 years and teaching Richard’s system for
15 years. I subscribe to Jena’s classes with him because each time
new material comes up. It helps to maintain an exceptionally high
standard and I like to pass this on to my own students.
Richard has such a deep intuitive wisdom about hands and combined with
Jena’s probing questions rich new material rises to the surface.
Thanks Jena for making this series available. It’s a fantastic way for
us to access all the wisdom that Richard hasn’t yet written down.
- Pascal Stoessel
Master Hand Analyst
Founder IIHA Europe

“I am really enjoying the pace of the calls and the breadth of
information covered on each subject. A simple concept like heart lines
expands quickly into a discussion of all line configurations in the hand.
Exciting and invigorating to listen to and expand your database of hands in
a whole new way. Looking forward to tuning into next week.”
- Brent Bruning
Advanced Hand Analyst
500 Hands Project

” I want to thank you so much for these calls with Richard. I can’t begin to tell you what a difference they are making for me in my ability to more confidently work with people. The information is invaluable and this is an amazing opportunity you have created for those in the hand analysis world. So thank you a million times over!!!!”
- Linda Salazar
Author of Awaken the Genie Within

Barbara Vassalli
Advanced Hand Analyst

Kay Packard, M.A.,
Director American Academy of Hand Analysis


” I want to thank you so much for these calls with Richard. I can’t begin to tell you what a difference they are making for me in my ability to more confidently work with people. The information is invaluable and this is an amazing opportunity you have created for those in the hand analysis world.
So thank you a million times over!!!!”
- Linda Salazar
Author of Awaken the Genie Within

“The work you do is very important for me and I learned from your classes
with Richard much more than I learned in his class.
In fact, my final test score was 106%. WOW!!
Thank you.”
- Valeria Lane
Advanced Hand Analyst

“Earth School is no doubt the best online source of hand analysis information
in the world! I consulted it just yesterday because I had a difficult hand to analyze
and was blessed to find the appropriate information I needed. And this was
thanks to your endless efforts to make the hand analysis data base in Earth
School so comprehensive and useful. Thanks Jena.”
- N. N. Switzerland
Advanced Hand Analyst

“I so appreciate your interviews with Richard and want you to know I think you do a wonderful job of of organization and of pulling really good, pertinent and usable information from Richard! I have been in many classes with him and know that whenever he pauses even for a moment to consider what another is saying that it is going deep within him–you do that. Thanks for opening new possibilities for him and all of us.”
Mary Delave

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