Helping through entanglement

By Jena Griffiths | November 2, 2020

infinityThe other day someone shared a powerful exercise in our small sangha that is really so simple but a complete game changer. This is about feeling gratitude on behalf of someone else even if their good fortune doesn’t apply to you and your current circumstances.
For example, they get to do a course you wanted to do. Instead of feeling sorry for yourself, feeling gratitude for them shifts you to another place. It is a recognition that at some level we are all entangled and there’s no separation. Whatever happens to one happens to us all on some unseen level. When they benefit so does some part of us that isn’t separate.

Today I came across an exercise from Pema Chödrön that addresses the same concept but from the perspective of you being the one better off. How to sit with others’ pain or fear or sorrow and by digesting these feelings and expanding your own spaciousness this is shared with another or all others.

Wonderful guidance for all of us for the coming days from Pema choldron

Pema Chodron Foundation · Pema Chödrön – Making a Relationship with Pain and Joy

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