Gift Marker Call Series – Saturn Stars

By Jena Griffiths | February 2, 2014

“Everyone is gifted but some people never open their package.”
Do you weave magic for everyone around you, without
perhaps realizing your great gift or reaping the rewards?
This Tuesday we’ll be exploring Gift Markers with Richard Unger of IIHA. Under the spotlight, Saturn Stars.
What are gift markers?
Gift markers are line formations in the hand indicating remarkable talent or special abilities that the owner may not be fully conscious of, or may be aware of but not fully living. These markers are a call to action. Richard Unger was the first person to identify them. He proposed a theory of gift markers which has helped hundreds of thousands of people to own and more fully inhabit their giftedness.
What are Saturn Stars?
These are star formations under the middle finger. They indicate a special ability to generate wealth by weaving webs that connect people to others or resources they need.
We’ll be discussing the positive aspects of this ability and also the challenge points. What to look out for, how to progress. How this ability interacts with other factors, such as personality, temperament and self esteem. This is a great opportunity to hear about these markings directly from the originator of this system. Join this series of calls – click here.
See what this star looks like here.

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