Tribute to Robin Williams – Carpe Diem

By Jena Griffiths | August 12, 2014

“Seize the day. ”
This is the message Robin Williams leaves us with. Loud and clear, even in his final act.

Dear Robbie, we salute you. Go well great spirit.
We never know what’s realyl going on in another person’s life.

If you are contemplating suicide, please try this: Lie on your back. Knees bent. Hands on floor palms up.
Breath in very deeply into your belly and when it fills keep breathing in and open your chest. Then relax and do again and again. Open the back of your throat to allow even more air to reach your belly. Smile.
Your mind is a blue sky. The feeling is a dark cloud. Breathe in the blue sky. Fill your belly with a golden ball of sunshine. Breathe it in even deeper til the sun fills your chest too til you can breathe in no more. Relax and breathe out simply by letting go.
Feel the dark underbelly of the cloud shifting. It will move soon. There it goes…

You are blue sky behind the storm. And the storm will pass.

Here are some articles about Robin in Forbes by Matthew Herper that could really help.
The article includes Stephen Fry’s letter of advice to anyone with depression: “Emotions are like weather – it will be sunny one day.”
Earth School has numerous interviews on depression – use the search button to find them.
I think the best for this is Judith Kravitz’s work. Interview with her is here. Practitioners who can help you worldwide in transformational breath go here.

and more of my thoughts on this. Also see my post Think like a diver or click on depression in the side bar for more.
An interesting story worth reading is Buckminster Fuller’s“Guinea Pig B”

Good luck! Write below to reach out.

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