Are you in danger of tunnel vision?

By Jena Griffiths | August 8, 2014

“Right Thought is mastery” James Allen, As a Man Thinketh

Most of the tunnels in our lives are self created.

The good news is we can trim back the overgrowth.
Reshape our perspective. Or even reinvent our world view
and, as a result, our destiny.

Constant pruning and management of our thoughts.
Every few years I re-read As a Man Thinketh, by James Allen.
If you haven’t yet read this old classic
download your copy here as a gift.

It’s easy to overlook how important this is.
I’ve just spent 2 weeks exploring my own tangled tunnel vision
while traveling through all the leafy green tunnels in Southern England.
Frequently marveling at how no-one in any of the roofless
double-decker tourist buses ever gets decapitated. 😉

It requires an act of faith to stay seated and enjoy the ride.
And lots of pruning by the road keepers.

Personal growth is just as organic and surprising.
It too requires an act of faith to stay seated and enjoy the ride.
And constant pruning to avoid decapitation.

James Allen says to root out all self doubt.
But that would be like blitzing all the shady trees on the wayside.
Do you want to always take the highway
or sometimes the more interesting back roads?
Instead of beating yourself up for long, slow, seemingly insane detours,
trust your instincts and inner guidance.
It is only in retrospect that we realize divine method in the madness.
Maybe you met someone, or learned something, you wouldn’t have otherwise?
Perhaps doubts give us shade and rest,
allowing us to go at our own pace. With grace and serendipity
rather than with frazzled nerves and burnt-out batteries.
Why not befriend your doubts rather than attempt total eradication?
As long as you maintain a definiteness of purpose you’ll get there eventually.

How to do this?
Share your dreams and destination with that part of you that has
taken on the role of being your inner editor. And give him (or her)
the job of pruning the pathway of unnecessary overgrowth
rather than aborting your adventure entirely.

What is your definiteness of purpose?
And which of your tunnels need pruning?
For fresh and original insight into your own life journey,
book a consultation with the author of this post. 😉

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