You are what you love

By jennagriffiths | April 17, 2011

Last Thursday’s call with Vaishali on the inner critic was an eye-opener.
The call is now in the Earth School archives. You can to listen to the replay by logging in or here.
Vaishali’s message is simple yet profound: you are what you love and you love
whatever you’re giving your attention to.
I find it fascinating that this teaching comes from Swedenborg – a scientist turned mystic who lived in Sweden during the 17th and 18th centuries.

you are what you love

Emanual Swedenborg January 29, 1688 – March 29, 1772

On the inner critic?
Vaishali’s wisdom builds on what both Richard Moss and Richard Unger contributed on this topic.

She said that we are meant to be 3% ego (inner critic) and 97% heart (acting/reacting with an open heart/feeling/listening to heart intuition/living in the now). When we reverse this and use our critical side (which is designed as a supportive tool for practical survival) as our governing function this is when the inner critic runs rampant in our lives.

An interesting and valuable perspective.

We aren’t finished yet with the inner critic.
I’d like to explore this topic further with a Jungian analyst or someone who does Voice Dialogue. I’m busy reading a fascinating book by called The Shadow King by Sidra Stone and see that Sidra and her husband Hal Stone have also written a book on the Inner Critic from a Voice Dialogue perspective.

But next week we also move onto a new theme with Richard Unger. The topic is “At the crossroads – a life in transition.” Vaishali has agreed to join us again to explore this topic from her perspective.
The date is still be be decided. To be notified when, register for the call here.

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