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By jennagriffiths | April 14, 2011

Do you have a little voice in your head that keeps criticising everything you do?
You could have or should have done it better?
How could you be so stupid?
Etc etc… on and on it drones.
At 4pm Swiss time, 10 am Eastern will be discussing this topic through fresh eyes with Vaishali,
radio host and author of You are what you love.

Vaishàli,Earth School,Vaishali on the inner critic

Is there perhaps a positive side to the inner critic?

Why do we have one?
What is the inner critic’s spiritual function?
How do you put the inner critic in its proper place?
What does the inner critic do for you that the Soul cannot?
What does the inner critic hate that you need in order to reach

Date and Time: 7am Pacific, 4 pm Central Europe 14 April 2011

You’re invited to join us for this call in a few hours:
Here’s the link:
Give me some questions to ask during the call.
Type them into the event page above.

More about Vaishali?

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