What can you do to help combat global warming?

By Jena Griffiths | September 25, 2014

Why isn’t global warming more obvious?
This picture explains it. Our planet is mostly water.
The ocean is absorbing the heat.

The danger?
Under the ocean and under Arctic ice there are huge reserves of methane.
We need to harvest or freeze this methane before the ocean releases it into the atmosphere.

What can you do to help combat global warming?
1. take a stand/be heard Sign a petition Be informed #Climate #PeoplesClimateBlog
2. reduce your own carbon footprint, walk or cycle more
3. Support zero emissions technology
4. Invent or support brilliant ideas to clean up our world and help combat global warming
Some examples?
Convert plastic waste back into oil

every village or community needs one of these brilliant machines. Get one or more.
Ask your local community to invest in one?
Solar roads

Another brilliant idea.
More about backing this project here
Invent stuff like this – Create electricity in cities by walking

Ask what happened to all the cool inventions like – Create electricity with salt water ??????
Why aren’t these breakthroughs happening? Demand them.

Perhaps the most pressing challenge
Help dream up a way to Harvest Methane
Lobby coal, gas and oil industries to switch to methane harvesting as a priority – ask them to fund the prize money
Participate, dream, invent, share or back a way to do this – click here.

A video from NASA on 2014 Arctic ice depletion
Yes, the clock is ticking but….. we can do this!

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