Today’s lows are tomorrow’s highs

By Jena Griffiths | March 17, 2015

“It’s not what happens that matters, it’s who you become.” Hal Elrod

I’m fascinated by the footprints in snow, and what they reveal over time.
Similarly, have you ever noticed how the most terrible thing that ever happened to you turns out to be the best thing that ever happened?

We are formed under tremendous pressure, and when the events finally wash away, our character and experience are all that remain.

Shift your perspective to “yes” and see what happens next.
understanding in hindsight

Here are 3 people I admire who have overcome severe health issues.
Their footprints are now signposts for the rest of us.
How did they do it?
If you have any health issues right make a serious study of the following 3 people. Even if you don’t have serious health issues, their experiences help us with our own hurdles.
For Hal Elrod – Author of Miracle Morning and survivor of a terrible car crash – it was acceptance and gratitude. “I can’t change where I am right now” (unconditional acceptance of current circumstance/finding peace instead of resisting what is ) enabled him to do radical healing.

Hal says “ when you don’t accept the things you can’t change, whether it is in your own life or in a relationship, you create negativity and that negativity takes up all the space for love and joy and gratitude and positivity. But when you accept all things you can’t change, you create space to invite anything you want into your life.”

His key points:
Accept all things you can’t change.
Be grateful for everything – positive and negative. (It is what it is. Choose gratitude rather than frustration)
Create daily progress towards becoming the person you need to be to live your vision

For Martin Inderbitzin, cancer survivor, it was setting a huge physical goal in the future. (A triathlon when he could hardly walk to the bathroom.)

For Anita Moorjani, author of Dying to be me, it was finding joy.
Love your past. Love where you are now.
I feel deeply inspired by these three “survivors” Each setback is an opportunity to demonstrate our ability to overcome it.

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