The naked truth about your relationship

By Jena Griffiths | March 19, 2013

I’ll be interviewing Jitendra and Pia this Wednesday at 2pm NY time, 11 am Pacific, 7pm Switzerland, 6 pm UK. Elsewhere
Topic: The 5 Naked Truths about your Relationship
Wednesday March 19, 2013
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What will we discuss?
We’ll discuss why it’s important to view your relationship warts and all – and see the Naked Truth.
Stripped bare of pretense, defence or denial —simply acknowledging what is.
What will you learn from the call?

Jitendra and Pia will allow us to peak behind the scenes in their own relationship and will share some of their secrets with us about their work in this field – The 5 Naked Truths to Wildly Fulfilling Relationship program.
How to finally create the intimacy, passion and respect you have longed for and deserve in your relationship
How to get through the “hard stuff” together with passion and intimacy
How to build relationship stability, true companionship and genuine appreciation.

Says Jitindra, ” A Wildly Fulfilling Relationship is not some outlandish dream, it is YOUR BIRTHRIGHT.”

This is a free call. Join us here.
If you have any questions for Jitindra and Pia type them in right now on the event page.


Who are Jitendra and Pia?
Jitendra is a shaman, channel and spiritual teacher, informed by a consciousness awakening in 1974. He has been developing and teaching embodied awakening for nearly 20 years. Pia is a Law of Attraction coach, energy healer and pet communicator. Her 30+ year spiritual journey, together with her corporate business experience, synergies as a beautiful balance of profundity and practicality.
Together, Jitendra and Pia live and teach these transformational relationship principles. They say it’s the reason their union is so wildly fulfilling.
More about the 5 Naked Truths program

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