Soul Tracking with Richard Unger

By Jena Griffiths | November 5, 2012

This Tuesday Earth School Inner Circle members will be learning
soul tracking exercises from Richard Unger.

I asked Richard how this call will be different from “The 39 Steps”.

“We will go into more detail this time – the 39 steps gave a list of soul
tracking exercises; this time we will go into more detail on specific soul
tracking exercises, with a focus on the heart line as an example of what
is possible.”

Members’ replays
How to join this class.

Here’s what people said about our last soul tracking call:

“An absolutely brilliant call. Life changing.”
” What a great call !!! ”
“I am always so intrigued and inspired by these calls”
“This was a great call today!! I so appreciate these calls, my learning is quantum leaping!”
“My” Tuesdays are “sacred.”

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