Sacred Geometry

By Jena Griffiths | October 29, 2012

In his book The Hathor Material, Tom Kenyon explores three powerful exercises involving sacred geometry. These exercises help you enhance your energy level but they are useful for improving your brain performance, creativity and emotional wellbeing. They also help clear away old blocks that may be keeping you stuck.

Tom Kenyon the Hathors sacred geometry
I was surprised to see that one of the exercises Kenyon was given by the Hathors uses the infinity symbol in a very similar way to Phyllis Krystal’s cutting ties figure of 8 exercise. But it’s used in a very different way.
Phyllis uses this exercise to help you free yourself from other people or ideas by putting yourself and the other person or thing inside the two circles in the shape.
Tom uses the same figure of 8 exercise but instead of putting yourself inside the symbol you walk it. He tells a beautiful story of how he helped a show jumping horse get rid of a block he’d developed simply by walking the figure of eight.
Tom also uses this and two other sacred symbols as a kind of brain gym exercise.

Here’s how to use the infinity symbol in this way
He says imagine two circles inside your head. The circles are just touching each other, like a pair of round glasses, but imagine them inside your head instead of outside, behind the bridge of your nose.

Now imagine an illuminated white dot starting at the bridge and then very slowly tracing a figure of eight up the right side and around it and then up the left side and around it. Allow your eyes to follow the white dot as it moves around the shape. First in one direction and then in the other.

Kenyon suggests working with this symbol for a week before adding the next two symbols.
You can get the other symbol exercises plus other powerful ways to enhance your energy from his book, the Hathor Material, available through Amazon or his website. Kenyon calls the work he does with sacred symbols Interdimensional Consciousness Training ©.

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