Solving relationship problems – it’s in your hands (Interview with richard Unger)

By jennagriffiths | February 7, 2011

The next Earth School interview with Richard Unger is on Thursday 24 February 2011

love is in your hands

solving relationships problems- it's in your hands

We’ll be looking at how relationship problems show up in hands and how hands show you a broader picture and give solutions.

This is an important call for Earth School.


Because hands show more than surface issues in relationships.
Your fingerprints show deep themes that cause you to shut down or open up. Learning how to work with these themes as a couple, or with someone close like a relative or close friend is the main work we explore inside Earth School’s Inner Circle.

What will we discuss on the call?

We’ll be looking a hand markers related to issues of the heart: love, betrayal, intimacy…
What causes you to feel contracted? Or expanded?
What causes your partner to shut down?
How your hands can help you understand each other and your individual needs better.
and lots more.

Register for this call here.

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