Richard Moss: Emotions vs Feelings

By jennagriffiths | February 7, 2011

“We come alive at the level of feeling by not turning feeling into thinking.” Richard Moss

The call with Richard Moss last Friday was very informative. There were a few minutes of panic when skype dropped him and he had to re-dial back into the conference.
If you listen to the replay simply wait the pause out.
It’s well worthwhile as Richard has some very helpful things to say.

Like what?
The difference between feelings and emotions and the importance of staying with feelings and being present with them rather than running away from them.

“When very difficult feelings are present, do not think!”

What is the difference between thoughts and emotions?

Moss says emotions come from thoughts and we can cure ourself of these by catching and naming the thought, rather than allowing it to drag us under.
Feelings, on the other hand “are healthy and essential (even dark ones.)
“We come alive at the level of feeling by not turning feeling into thinking.”

Moss calls this process radical aliveness.
He says, ask yourself: if you are not here, where are you?

You’ll find you’re either in the past or the future or focused too much on yourself or another.
All negative feelings (anger, depression, jealousy, aggression, resentment etc. can be dissolved through bringing yourself back into the present moment.

This system of labeling your thoughts (future, past, me: grandious me or depressive me, you: inflated or blamed) so that you can let them go and awaken instead to what you are actually feeling is called the Mandala of Being. You can get a free course on this on Richard’s website.
I’ve explained it in more detail in a previous post called False hope vs new reality

More on this:
or subscribe to his podcast:
Here’s his podcast on
feeling vs emotions:

Let feelings flow through you like weather without allowing them to create stories in you about why.
This creates a spaciousness in you. Moss says this has nothing to do with passivity.
It’s freedom from the sense that what we have right now is not good enough.

What we didn’t discuss during this call was how to use gratitude to dissolve negative emotions, which is a cornerstone of Richard’s work.

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