Are you unconsciously sabotaging your own success?

By Jena Griffiths | May 25, 2012

In in the call with Andy Habermacher, we discussed the fox factor, how our perception of someone and the content of what they are saying is unconsciously influenced by nonverbal behavior, showmanship, confidence and status. What to do to be more aware of this so you aren’t so easily taken in, and also what you can do to improve your own “micro-messaging” in a genuine way to have more impact at work.

Actor Micheal fox
We spoke about the classic Dr Fox effect research where scores of professors, academics where taken in by a professional actor.
We also spoke about the need to pay attention to your own nonverbal behavior.

Andy gave lots of useful tips, and you can get more of these from his book, The Fox factor,
which you can download for $2.95 for the next 30 days on the replay page.

One of the areas we touched on was sexism in the work environment.
I’ll be posting more on that in the coming days.

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