Marina Bossaro on how to live in the present in difficult times

By jennagriffiths | April 28, 2011

I’ve just interviewed Marina Borruso for Earth School.practical workshop in Zurich on living in the now
Marina gave practical tips on how to let go of our thoughts and shift into conscious living.
She also shared a bit about her relationship over a 30 year period with Eckard Tolle.

It was fascinating talking to her.
She often said the exact opposite to what I thought she would.

Such as?
Nothing bad can happen to you unless you DON’T allow it.
(In other words, by resisting things you cause them to happen.)

If you think of the principle – every action has a equal and opposite reaction.
Perhaps sometimes we create something by already resisting/creating the reaction.)
This is a profound thought.

Marina suggests non resistence (acceptance of what) is as the first step out of a difficult situation.
This does not mean denial, nor non-action. But more a surrendering to what is.

How to be present and accepting?
Marina advises adopting a state of awareness of one’s vitality, breath and bodily presence that enables
us to intuit what action to take in the moment.

Here’s the replay of the call

If you’d like to meet Marina in person, she will be giving a practical workshop in Zürich at 6pm on 11 May 2011
in the Birke-Seminarraum, Gästehaus Nidelbad, Rüschlikon (
Cost 25 Fr.
To book for this event contact ZIWA coaching group or register at or call Francesca on 043 305 70 45.

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