Marina Borruso agrees to an Earth School interview – living in the present.

By jennagriffiths | April 23, 2011

«Through her own, unique way of teaching presence, Marina Borruso is making a significant contribution to the awakening of consciousness on our planet»

Eckhart Tolle
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“The moment life is offering you right now is the perfect moment to awaken.” Marina Borruso
On 28 April at 12 noon Swiss time
I’ll be interviewing Italy’s internationally respected spiritual teacher Marina Borruso for Earth School.
Marina has been a spiritual teacher for over 30 years and is author of 3 books in Italian on her own teachings and those of Eckard Tolle.

Her life experience, the clarity of her vision and her creativity make her teachings simple yet profound. A teacher of surrender.
She’s a student and close friend of Eckard Tolle.

Date: 28 April 2011
More about Marina Borruso visit her website


Summary of what Marina said:
Surrender = recognize where you, stay with what is. “This is how it is now”. It is not “giving up.” Only the ego loses when you surrender. The ego is a collective state of consciousness. The mind is in the past or the future it cannot be in the present. The body brings us into the present. Focus on your body, the vibration or perception of being alive, your sense of vitality.
When you focus on your vitality you are not form any more you are essence.
Pain body = old suffering
We enter the story of mankind, the pain body is the accumulation of old suffering and we add our own suffering to this – we weren’t wanted, economic situation etc.
“I am unwanted” is the root of the ego.
Sometimes it is easier to see and let go of heavy baggage. The bag keeps calling for more suffering. Difficulties in life reflect this bag.
Life brings us what we need to get rid of the baggage.
The collective baggage and the ego use each other. Both need suffering to keep themselves alive.
You need to step out of the mind because you can’t touch the ego while you are identified with your thoughts. Focus on breath or your vitality, whatever brings you to the present.
Without the future the ego is lost.
You make peace with what is happening. Out of that peace
Life is constantly feeding us with the opportunity to awaken. To empty our baggage.
The healing can happen in the now. At any moment you can heal yourself.
The moment life is offering you right now is the perfect moment to awaken.
Recognize that the situation is such. This is it now. When you do this an the attention is on the inner body not the mind, then you will notice more light in you. You make peace with what is happening. Out of that peace an action may start spontaneously.
When you resist what is, your action is about resistance.
Often the more we suffer the more we separate ourselves. The moment we accept things the way they are, things start to happen. Don’t go into the future. Whatever is happening is the gift. Difficulties are divine intelligence in action. The moment you surrender the ego dies and we ascend to another state of consciousness. Embrace and stay with the emotions that the suffering brings then ascension can happen.
Nothing can hurt you unless don’t allow it, says Marina.
Switch off your attention to the mind and bring it to the body. Let your thoughts run free but your attention is on another part of yourself.

Marina will also be giving a talk in Zürich on 11 May 2011.

at 6.00 pm in the Birke-Seminarraum, Gästehaus Nidelbad, Rüschlikon

To book for this event contact Antonietta of ZIWA coaching group or register via email or call Francesca 043 305 70 45.

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