Are you a Man or Woman of Action?

By Jena Griffiths | November 27, 2012

In our last call with Richard we explored the Man or Woman of Action archetype.
These calls dive deep into personality types and invariably in our second call on each type we explore paradoxes and delicious dilemmas in a number of hands submitted for pattern recognition.

For example, in the last call we discussed the following topics within the context of Man/Woman of Action personality type:
Simian with a Solution brain, (19.11)
Simian in general,
Xs on Fate line (25.35),
Clark Kent line (32.30),
Red Queen archetype(40.45),
Head stops fate line + whorls (56),
Small upper fingers (57.30),
Saturn star + mars star combo (58.50),
action vs control,
The Patriarch archetype (1.00),
Apollo boxes (1.02.34),
Daggers under heart line (1.06.30),
Wounded Child Star + small upper Apollo,
Large Middle Saturn (1.10.20),
Man of Action + lack of fire + left Jupiter lesson + desire pollution, (1.15.40)
Teacher’s square (1.20.40),
Man of Action plus left Jupiter lesson (1.23),
Moon star + Mars Star combo (1.24.30),
Venus Grill,
Grill on lower Jupiter and lower Mercury (1.27.20),
Michael vs Fire + Jupiter (1.29.30),
Pyramus Thisby (1.30.00)

We are now halfway through this hand shape course.
The next 8 archetypes will be explored in 2013.
Members can access replays of all these hand shapes calls here.
More info about this series of calls.
advanced hand shapes hand analysis classes with Ricahrd Unger and Jena Griffiths

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