Interview with Tomar Levine – birthing your sacred work

By Jena Griffiths | November 29, 2012

“There is a crack in everything, that’s how the light gets in” Leonard Cohen

Today’s message comes from Tomar Levine who will be with us next week in the free auditorium.
Tomar is a New York Life Coach and wise soul guide.
finding your calling, life purpose, soul callingfinding your calling, life purpose
On finding your light this is what Tomar says:

“Don’t we think we are cracked, that the world is cracked?
And yet… what if those very things we reject are what we NEED?
Are precious experiences by which our souls grow?
Now look at the image above, of the egg, full of cracks.
Instead of letting the light in, in this case, it’s how the light gets OUT!

Because there’s treasure inside that egg… just like there’s treasure inside each one of us.
Just like there’s treasure inside of you.

Your soul is a treasure, your essence is a treasure, the gifts you brought into this life are treasures.
But in order to find them… sometimes we all need to crack a little. “
Tomar also talks about “the paradox of gratitude”.
And why we need to feel grateful for all experiences
– including the cracks in our lives, and in the world.
Replay is here (log in free to access.)

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