Interview with Melissa Wadsworth

By Jena Griffiths | November 26, 2014

Collective manifestationNext up in the Earth School Free auditorium.
Wednesday, December 10 2014
Jena interviews Melissa Wadsworth for Earth School
on Collective Manifestation –
how to shift from “Me” to “We”

Why do this? How to do this? Melissa gives you practical advice.

Listen to the replay here
Melissa is the author of Collective Manifestation: Heart-Centered Blueprints for Creating Intentional Community.
Part practical self-help guide, part inspiring social-change manifesto. The book helps individuals, groups and teams (online and off).

On this call you will learn:
– how to shift from “Me” to “We” to energize all your actions
– how to empower your teams, groups and communities with ease
– the 11 components to collective manifestation

You will also learn:
– about new multidimensional formats for co-creation.
– what is this all about
– how people are participating to co-create fabulous outcomes
– how intense cultural and societal energy shifts are bringing about realizations of new intentional communities, both online and offline
– how your individual brilliance can shine even brighter in the container of intentional community.

Says Melissa: “This wave IS happening. The benefits to yourself and others is immense. Be one of the first people to recognize and utilize the power of this energetic shift. Time to shift into high gear – and this doesn’t mean being busier…it means accessing your true brilliance. All gifts and talents and skills are needed as we co-create a future we feel optimistic about. ”
More about shared dreams and collaboration +7 tips from Melissa’s book.
Melissa Wadworth’s website

What people are saying

“There are some great books about personal manifestation and the law of attraction. Collective Manifestation shows us how to manifest dreams and goals through the power of a group. Melissa Wadsworth offers compelling ways to engage your personal power to create intentional communities that benefit our loving planet.”
Marci Shimoff, Best-selling author of Love for No Reason and Happiness for No Reason

“Melissa Wadsworth takes community building and development to an entirely new level. Her clear and practical questions, tools, structures, and awareness exercises invite creativity and greater potential for both the individual and the collective. As individual members are empowered to bring their best, the community thrives. Understanding that form follows energy, Melissa shows the way toward energetic creation of productive and transformational communities. Thank you for this book!”
Alan Seale, founder of the Center for Transformational PresenceSM and author of Create A World That Works and The Manifestation Wheel

“In Melissa’s inspiring work, we are given an opportunity to explore and envision a new way of creating and sustaining heart-centered communities. In a world that has developed to isolate individuals and fuel competitiveness, we need to envision blueprints for evolving new forms of community and restoring human cohesiveness and co-operation. Collective Manifestation helps us to envision, define and manifest structures for more enlightened living.”
Julie Umpleby, founder of Diamond Light World

“Melissa Wadsworth’s book Collective Manifestation is based on real experiences! This book, about manifesting group intention is a blessing to all who take the time to learn from it. Using the Akashic Records, her team of co-creators have assembled a “How to” of major proportions. Knowing about this book is useful for when you wish to create something. Owning and using this book will be a resource like your standard reference book that you’ll come back to over and over again! Bravo.”
Maureen St. Germain, Akashic Records expert and author of Beyond the Flower of Life and Be a Genie

“I love this book. It is describes an inspiring process for establishing an energetic foundation to community building. I know I long for a way to establish community that brings out the best in us and helps us to live in harmony with our earth and all life. This book gives us a blueprint for how we might begin to create such a community. Thank you Melissa for your wise words, your great heart and aspiring mind.”
Sharlyn Hidalgo, author of The Healing Power of Trees: Spiritual Journeys Through the Celtic Tree Calendar and Nazmy – Love is My Religion: Egypt, Travel and a Quest for Peace

“How do we attain the community we want? Sometimes, if we cannot find it, we need to create it. This book inspires new ways of looking at community, new possibilities and inspirations that may leave you feeling motivated to create exactly the kind of community that would most satisfy you now, one you might not have imagined.”
Suzette Sommer, social media activist

In Collective Manifestation, you will discover a template to build what your heart desires. Whether it’s a community, a program, or a business, Melissa shares tools and meditation processes that will help you to begin the process and take it to a new level of awareness. What’s particularly special in this template is that it begins with the energy – the yin process. Most of us are used to action – you make a decision, and go for it. With this book Melissa shows us the way to feel the energy of what is being called for us to create – not what we think should be created. Melissa has called on the collective consciousness to be the driving force – no longer are we to do it alone. The power of our manifestation will evolve from co-creating our dreams with people we want to be in community with. Thank you Melissa for sharing your vision of a powerful process that will move us towards a new paradigm of community on our beautiful planet!
Kris Steinnes, founder of Women of Wisdom and Krysalis Leadership

Listen to the interview here
The replay will be available straight after the call on the same link.
This is a free call. You are invited. We’ve love to have you with us.

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