How to fly before you can walk

By Jena Griffiths | January 4, 2014

In my sailing days we used a small inflatable dinghy to get from our sailing boat to the shore. The dinghy’s engine was started by pulling on a chord that got the flywheel turning fast enough to start the engine.
That’s the principle behind your next flywheel for 2014.

It’s called the “Wheel of Focus” and comes from Abraham /Esther Hicks.
Here’s a video from Esther explaining how it works.

and another on how to use the process

This process helps overcome resistance to affirmations you don’t quite believe,
by using a flywheel technique to help you shift radically.
One “spoke” at a time.
Try to find a statement you already believe in, and hold it in your consciousness for 17 seconds.
This shifts you vibrationally to then hold another and so on
taking small baby steps until you can hold your really big affirmation
without throwing it off into the bushes.

Here’s a free app you can download for your phone or ipad. (Compliments of Abraham/Esther Hicks)
Use this app to create your own wheel of focus for 2014.
You can also use the same app to create your archetypes wheel.
Read more about this process here.

Are you trying to fly before you can walk?
Sure you are! We all are.
That’s what being human is all about.
Fortunately you now have 3 new flywheels for wings.
So, fly baby fly!

Three wheels?
1. Wheel of focus
2. Wheel of awareness
3. Wheel of archetypes
More about your other two flywheels here.

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