How can knowing your type or your partner’s type help improve communication?

By Jena Griffiths | December 18, 2011

‘One man’s meat is another man’s poison’ Idiom

Are you giving other people what you need rather than what they need or want?
Knowing and understanding your and other people’s body type, personality type or learning type helps improve communication.

For example, there are three Ayurvedic body types: vata, pitta, kapha
Vata types need sound and touch (spoken words)
Pitta types respond better to visual cues such as written words or colours
Kapha types respond emotionally to smell or taste so buying them perfume or taking them out to a restaurant may be a better way of communicating your feelings to them, rather than writing a poem! (Deepak Chopra)
Also, when these types are off balance it manifests in a particular way. Knowing and being able to recognise imbalace makes you more compassionate towards their behaviour.

Are you an auditory, visual or feeling- kinesthetic type?

In NLP there’s a simple technique to assess more or less the same thing:
whether you’re auditory, visual or tactile type.
depending on whether your eyes go up, sideways, or down while you’re describing a past event.

You can do this test on yourself but probably you’re an auditory type because you listen to or learn through telecalls. How about your partner and kids? Perhaps they’re a different type with different needs. Are you giving them what you need (talking) rather than what they need (dinner)? 😉

The same applies to hand shape types or heart line types.
Understanding and respecting other people’s communication needs helps you be more effective and get better results

For effective communication, you need to talk differently to an Earth type with a long index finger (Master of my domain) than to an air type with a long pinkie (Sherlock type) or to a water type with a long ring finger.
We’ll be learning what these different types are, what their needs are and how to recognize when they’re off balance and what to do during our forthcoming advanced hand shape course with Richard Unger starting this February. More info.

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