Feast week in Earth School?

By Jena Griffiths | April 25, 2011

This coming week is feast week in Earth School – the theme is transition.

We’ve got 4 calls scheduled!

purpleVpower animalsliving in the now

Tuesday with Itzhak Beery – on how power animals can help you transition.
Wednesday with Vaishali – her take on being in transition
Thursday Italy’s Marina Bussaro – on how being present helps
Also Thursday – an advanced threading call with Richard Unger.

I’ve decided to leave the doors completely open this week so you can experience what Earth School’s free auditorium is like.

Sit low.
Enjoy the ride.
Be curious.
Expect miracles.

The week after I’m off to Sardinia so you won’t be hearing from me at all.

BTW, today actually is a celebration of one of
the world’s best known stories of
transition involving miracles.

Will you survive the chocolate wrappings?
Will you be lighter afterwards?
Sit low.
Enjoy the ride.
Expect miracles. 😉

Happy Easter!

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