Ending the struggle

By Jena Griffiths | November 7, 2014

I was listening to Arielle Ford interview Neale Donald Walsch last night while riding my indoor bike (snow outside). Neale was talking about how to end the struggle in your life by expressing your divinity.
Neale has distilled his teachings into three main principles. I thought I’d post his key ideas here because I totally resonate. Although I would prefer it if he used the word “Spirit” or “Universe” instead of “God” I still think his principles are sound. I like the idea that you are perfect just as you are and life is not about growth but about have more and more opportunities to express who you really are.

Regarding Life Purpose, Neale says:
You are being invited to express your divinity.
It is not what you are doing but what you are being.

His 3 principles to turn your life around are:
1. Be the source
You are not here to learn or evolve but to express who you really are.
Whatever it is you want, give it to someone else.

2. See the perfection
Nothing is going wrong in your life at all.
There is nothing wrong with you, your past or anything currently happening.
This does not mean you have to put up with abuse.
Ask, “What would love do now?”
Perhaps it is an opportunity to choose to demonstrate that you love yourself by getting out of the situation.
Practice gratitude for everything no matter how imperfect it seems right now.
This helps dissolve frustration, anger, resentment, righteousness, condemnation….

3. You are not alone
Thinking you are alone is what makes it intolerable. You are never alone.
Here is the post I wrote that explains this from a fingerprint perspective (to be the source and see the perfection in whatever is happening).

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