Earth School topics for next 12 months

By Jena Griffiths | January 14, 2011

Here are the monthly topics in Earth School for the next 12 months:

27 January – Do you know what you want?
24 February – Solving relationship problems
24 March – Dealing with the Inner critic
28 April – Crossroad choices – a life in transition
26 May – Composite fingerprints
30 June – The challenges of the super talented
(Coping with multiple gift markers)
28 July – Free will vs destiny
25 Aug – Responsibility vs irresponsibility
29 Sept – Showing up
27 Oct – Fear success / Fear of failure
17 Nov – Family complications
15 Dec – Managing misunderstandings –
Communication challenges.

Each month interviewing experts on the topic under discussion.
We’ll also be exploring how the topic under discussion shows
up in your hands. And once again, I’ve invited the world authority
on hands, Richard Unger, to come and teach you personally.

January’s theme is “I don’t know what I want”.

The first expert call on this topic will be next Thursday,
20 January with Susie Collins. Susie is a relationships expert.
You’ll get more information about this call next week.

Dates for second call a month with Richard

We’ll be doing a second hands-on print work call each month
with Richard called toxic combinations and their resolution.

These calls will take place on the first Tuesday following the
Thursday topic call. (With 3 exceptions: These calls will not
take place on Feb1st, March 1st and May 3rd. Instead,
the second call will take place on Thursdays February 3rd,
March 3rd and May 5th.)

The special annual offer on all calls is available until 27 January.

Wishing you a great weekend

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