Should you stay or should you go in your relationship?

By Jena Griffiths | January 18, 2011

Our next call is this Thursday 20 January

relationship experts Susie and Otto Collins

Susie and Otto Collins

with relationship coaches, Susie and Otto Collins.

Topic: Should you stay or should you go?
Date: 20 January 2011
Time: 8 pm Switzerland/Central Europe, 2pm NY, 11am US Pacific.

During the call Susie and Otto will be sharing over 30 years of relationship expertise with you. Make sure you don’t miss this call.

You’ll learn about:

How do you know when it’s time to leave?
Can you ever trust again after there’s been an affair?
What do you do when there are major challenges in the relationship but you don’t believe in divorce?
Should you break apart a family, especially when children are involved, for personal happiness?
What if you regret leaving?
What about being alone?
What do you do when you keep putting off making the decision because you hope things will change, but they don’t?
Will life be better with our without your partner? Is the grass really greener?
What to consider when you’re in love with someone else but are afraid to leave…
What do you do if you wonder if you’ve done everything you can to make your relationship better?
And lot’s more..

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To find out about how relationship difficulties show up in your hands.

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One Response to “Should you stay or should you go in your relationship?”

  1. jenagriffiths Says:
    January 20th, 2011 at 6:58 pm

    Here are some of the listener questions that will be asked in this call:

    christina – SA

    What if you feel you have a soul contract with your partner, somehow always end up back together no matter what or who happened in between…. but you are complete opposites and one stays the perpetrator and one the victim. How do you implement change?

    sue – Canada

    DO verbally abusive people care??? or are they intimidated by you?? What makes them get on with other women and not you, when do you draw the line?? Just another? Thanks!

    edmonton (Incoming)

    im not sure if my husband married me for other reasons and expected something he didnt get. Now last year i pretended to be someone from his past and he in return decided to flirt with me on genes re united and tried to arrange to meet me, in the uk, he even went so far as to put divorced on his profile and use his wedding photo to flirt. I was flabbagasted that this desperate husband was making himself available. The short or long of it was ,i kept asking if he was married and he said eventually no,his wife left him twenty years ago, but he did say he had a relationship and it was like a train waiting to crash, thinking he knew someone he didnt! Why would he go through the same process with another, thinking he knew that person, as he did with me? Would you trust it??? How far would he have gone???

    Al – SA(Incoming)

    Ive been involved in an affair for 18 months, how do i win my wifes trust back and make it up to her, she says im not trying hard enough.