Earth School Topic Calls with Richard Unger 2012

By Jena Griffiths | December 3, 2011

We have a really good line of Topic Calls with Richard Unger next year.

The calls are always the first Tuesday of the month and advanced threading the second Tuesday.
Exceptions: January (last 2 Tuesdays), May (2nd and third) and August. (last 2 Tuesdays)

Topics as follows:

Jan 24, 2012: Building a Successful Practice
Advanced Threading: 31 January 2012

Feb 7: Procrastination (No accident that this call follows the previous one)
Advanced Threading: 14 Feb 2012

March 6: Thirty-Nine Steps (From the Big Gaping Hole to Living On Purpose)
Advanced Threading: 13 March 2012

April 3: The Desire System: An Owner’s Manual
Advanced Threading:: 10 April 2012

May 8: Hand Color and the Transmutation Process
Advanced Threading: 15 May 2012

June 5: Famous Hands
Advanced Threading: 12 June 2012

The Three Axioms of Soul Psychology

(Note: Richard want’s this to be three calls –
He has exercises on each to offer)

July 3: Experience Required
Advanced Threading:: 10

Aug 21: The Paradox Principle
Advanced Threading: Sept 28, 2012

Sept 4: The Validity of the Personality
Advanced Threading: Sept 11, 2012

Oct 2: Emotional Maturity and the Four Tasks of Psyche
Advanced Threading:: 9 Oct 2012

Nov 6: Soul Tracking: Oh so much deeper on what your heart line is saying.
Advanced Threading: Nov 13, 2012

Dec 4: Grief and Rage
Advanced threading: 11 Dec, 2012

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