Can we cool the planet by thinking less?

By Jena Griffiths | January 30, 2015

Years a go I attended a lecture in Lichtenstein by Maseru Emoto, the water crystal man. Buried inside the rest of his message, about water being a carrier of information, he said something that I’ve been wondering about ever since.
He said, since this is a water planet and water takes on the energetic frequency of whatever is exposed to, and since there are now +7 billion people on the planet and few of us have learned to manage our thoughts, we are over-heating the planet with our thoughts!

Wow! What a crazy thought! Could it possibly be true?
If we could find a way to teach mindfulness techniques (meditation, managing our thoughts, being fully present with ourselves and others) in all schools, in every country on the planet, not only would we end all wars, all family and relationship violence but we might even cool the planet in the process.
I love this idea.

It reminds me of a similarly profound thought by Richard Moss: The distance you are away from another is the measure of the distance you are away from yourself. Coming back into the present moment is how we heal ourselves, our relationships and the planet.
This graph below makes me wonder about this theory. Why is there such a massive a temperature spike in the early 1940’s?
Was this caused by human thinking/stresses during the second world war? A totally crazy idea. But then who knows for sure?

Mindfulness may be a really unconventional solution to halting global warming, but looking at temperatures on a micro level – such as rising blood pressures between any two people or boiling anger and hatred between religious groups – I think mindfulness is what we need to practice and teach far more than gospel or even religious tolerance.
For example, right now France has a problem in schools with clashes in values brought into stark relief by the recent massacre at Charlie Hebdo.
Instead of looking for ways to maintain traditional French values of freedom and tolerance why not simply teach mindfulness instead?

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