The secret to freedom and success: outwitting the devil

By Jena Griffiths | October 30, 2011

Napoleon Hill: Outwitting the devil

napoleon hill secrets to success
During our call last week on fear of success vs fear of failure we also discussed this recently released book by Napoleon Hill.
(It was written in 1938 but only now released for publication by the Hill foundation.)

It’s a fascinating account of a period in Hill’s life prior to publishing his success principles and Think and Grow Rich, when he saw himself as a failure and was filled with doubt, fear and self contempt.

In the book Hill talks about faith vs fear and our need to have a definite purpose.
Hill says the one thing we need to guard against is drifting and fear of any kind is what starts us on this path. Also, “Any habit which causes one to procrastinate – to put off reaching a definite decision – leads to the habit of drifting.” p.85

Hill’s 7 principles to attain spiritual, mental and physical freedom.
1. Definiteness of purpose
2. Mastery over self
3. learning from adversity
4. controlling environmental influence (associations)
5. Time (giving permanency to positive, rather than negative thought habits and developing wisdom.
6. Harmony (acting with definitenes of purpose to become the dominating influence in your own mental, spiritual and physical environment.)
7. Caution (thinking through your plan before you act.) (p148)

Notes from Sharon Lechter who annoted the book for today’s reader.
(( P + T ) x A x A ) + F = your Personal Success Equation
Passion + Talent
combined with seeking the right Association
and taking Action
plus a strong Faith in yourself and your mission

This is a book really worth reading and re-reading.

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