Richard Moss agrees to another interview for Earth School’s free auditorium

By jennagriffiths | March 11, 2011

I’m thrilled to tell you that Richard Moss, author of Inside-out healing and The Mandala of Being and several other books on spirituality and setting yourself free will be back with us in Earth School soon,
this time to discuss “Healing the inner critic”.

Richard has some really powerful, simple to apply, ideas on this topic.
He says that women develop a harsh inner critic (negative inner male) when their positive inner male is suppressed.
This is the side that supports the expression of feminine wisdom and creativity by providing structure and discipline to bring this work out into the world.

Such a simple yet profound idea.

I’m really excited about exploring this thought more deeply with him.
For example, what about men?
Some men also have a harsh inner critic. How is the dynamic different?

When will this call take place?

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More about Richard Moss
His last call in Earth Schoolwas last month on relationships. You can listen to the replay of this call inside the free auditorium.

For a free ecourse on the mandala of being visit his website

Richard’s latest book

Inside-out Healing by Richard Moss available through

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