Relationship meltdown?

By Jena Griffiths | March 1, 2015

If there is one book I wish someone could have reached back in time and handed me when I was going though relationship meltdown several years ago it would be Laura Munson’s autobiographical novel
“This is not the story you think it is: a season of unlikely happiness”
This Is Not the Story You Think It Is

It is so full of wisdom for all of us, uncovering the invisible trip lines to our own happiness.
I highly recommend it to everyone (particularly to stay-at-home mums and writers…..
Through her blow by blow, in the heat of the moment account, Laura beautifully demonstrates exactly how mindfulness is the key.
Paying attention to how you feel, bringing yourself always back to the present, together with self care (getting professional support, looking after your own needs and finding a project you believe in to focus on something bigger than your own private storm.)
One of the best resources for doing this work is called “The Work” by Byron Katie. I’ll be interviewing Katie on this process June 12 so stay tuned.

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