Refusing negative energy

By Jena Griffiths | October 1, 2012

I’ve just been reading a wonderful little book called Zor by J.B.

The author says it will change the world, and probably it will
because it has a powerful message packaged in a very
readable story.
What’s the message?
If someone offers you negative energy you don’t have to accept it.
You can simply say “No thank you.”

In the book, Zor says “no thank you” to some street bullies who are about
to beat him up. They’re furious but because he refuses to accept their gift
of negative chi they have no choice but to walk away.

I know you can tell bad spirits to leave the room or your house.
You ask them to leave and they do. But I’ve never thought it possible with real
live flesh and blood humans.
You simply refuse the hot potato they are wanting to pass on to you.
And that’s that! No more getting angry because you’re being dumped on.
Or angry because someone else is angry.

More importantly, its our personal responsibility not pass on any negative ch’i
to others. Instead we can learn to see it building up in ourselves then defuse it
consciously rather than pass it on.

I think knowing your fingerprints and what triggers you emotionally is a key way to do this
Because you can understand the mechanics of it and then choose not to let yourself to get dragged under.
I’m going to have some fun with this concept this week and refuse negative ch’i
whenever it gets offered to me in the coming days.
I’ll report back to you next week with what happened. 😉
If it doesn’t work then I guess this may well be the last post you’ll ever get from me.

Why not join me on this journey of refusing negative ch’i this week.
Please share your adventures or misadventures with the rest of us.
Write and tell us what happened to you below.

Actually saying no is one of the three tasks of emotional maturity.
If you’d like to know what the other 3 tasks are, join us on the call here.

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