On Healing Grief and Rage –
Interview with Karin Andersson Hagelin

By Jena Griffiths | December 12, 2012

13 December, 2012 in the Open Auditorium we’ll be talking to grief counselor Karin Andersson Hagelin on what to do to heal from grief or rage or other extreme emotions, for example after losing a child or someone else you love.

grief counsellor based in Zurich, Switzerland   We’re exploring the Grief Recovery Method that Karin practices and she will also share her own experience. How she recovered after the loss of her child.

We also discussed the 5 myths about healing – such as time heals, be strong, grieve alone …. and what to do instead to recover from your loss.
This call was interesting also from a consulting perspective. How to help your clients feel heard and understood.
This call is open to everyone.
The replay

More about Karin Andersson Hagelin

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