Navigating Earth School

By Jena Griffiths | October 6, 2010

I feel a bit like I’ve been given the keys to a castle much like Harry Potter’s school Hogwarts.
Earth School is a massive place; full of secret passages and rooms where classes can take place.
I’ve been learning how to find my way around the place and at the same time I’m busy inviting teachers I admire to come and share their wisdom here with you.

At the moment we have the main auditorium
and then monthly calls with Richard Unger taking place in one hall.
Later I hope to invite other teachers I admire to come and offer regular classes here too.

What are we doing in Earth School?

Level 1:
1.learning how to navigate our way out of one of the 4 hells.
level 2:
2. learning how to be better guides/map readers for others

What are the 4 hells?
There are 4 hells on Earth: health problems, relationship problems, money problems and spiritual crisis.
You can think of them as arenas in ancient Rome where you an get eaten by lions.

Each of these 4 arenas has secret passages, or rather trap doors, that take you into to the other arenas.
For example, you might think you are escaping the “money crisis arena” by marrying someone. But this is not the real way out. This is just a trap door into another arena where you now face a different kind of lion.

Your hands as maps
Your hands are accurate mirrors of your psyche.
They are detailed maps that can help you see where all the trap doors and secret passages are.
They can help you identify your own personal way out. They help enormously but you will still need other guides or tools specific to where you are exactly. (Guides such as your psychoanalyst or business coach or spiritual advisor.)

In Earth School at the moment there are monthly “mapreading” classes with Richard Unger (the master map maker and founder of modern hand analysis). After trying to map the psyche in the hand for over 40 years, Richard knows about trap doors and secret passages that he hasn’t yet taught in official classes. This series of calls is a way of getting him to fill in detail on maps for the benefit of other map readers and guides.

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