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Markus Hirzig helping others understand, feel, digest and transmute fear.

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Soul Topics (2016)

Soul Topics

12 soul purpose classes: 4 classes on how to use the life schools in your hand analysis consultations plus 8 classes on fingerprint common life purpose and life lesson combinations. Soul tracking exercises to give your clients designed specifically for:
– Service Life School – Love Life School – Wisdom Life School – Peace Life School. Also covered, a series of exercises for each common life lesson that help you turn your lesson into part of your support team. Life Lesson combinations covered: Don’t worry be happy – No-one listens to me – Mr Not Enough – Negative L’Oreal. Also 4 classes on how to step into your best life if you have one of the following Life Purpose combinations: The Shaman – The Pioneer – Public Impact in the Healing Arts – The Big Shot
$564 $407

1. Mining Your Life School
Special tracking exercises for each of the life schools.

2. Life lessons/Allies in disguise
Exercises that help you turn your lesson into part of your support team.

3. Life Purpose/Best Life
How to step into your best life if these are your fingerprint pattern.

Topic  1 – Soul tracking exercises for School of Service
Topic  2 – Soul tracking exercises for School of Love
Topic  3 – Soul tracking exercises for School of Wisdom
Topic  4 – Soul tracking exercises for School of Peace
Topic  5 – Don’t Worry Be Happy theme
Topic  6 – is anyone listening theme
Topic  7 – Mr Not Enough theme
Topic  8 – Worthy of love theme
Topic  9 – The Shaman theme
Topic 10 – The Pioneer
Topic 11 – Public Impact in the Healing Arts Theme
Topic 12 – The Big Shot theme

Palm Topics (hand shape and lines Series 2016)
broken life line

Line formation or hand shape Topics

We explored a number of different line and palm formations with Richard Unger
This series is probably the most inexpensive way to access professional hand analysis training and get
up to date, detailed reference notes from the yearlong trainig.
1. Verticals Lines
Jupiter line variations
Saturn line variations
Apollo line variations
Mercury line variations
2. Minor lines
Via lascivia lines
Venus Girdles
3. Broken lines
Broken life lines and broken heart lines
5. The Chakras in your palm
The Chakras call 1
The Chakras call 2

4. Some hand shape variations
The Samurai hand shape
Joplin Tip type
The Connoisseur hand shape

Get video replay for each class plus audio version.
and detailed reference documents for each class.

Purchase here
$564 $407
Topic 1 – Jupiter line variations
Topic 2 – Saturn line variations
Topic 3 – Apollo line variations
Topic 4 – Mercury line variations
Topic 5 – Via Lascivia Line variations
Topic 6 – The Chakras in hands call 1
Topic 7 – The Chakras in hands call 2
Topic 8 – Venus Girdles Variations
Topic 9 – Broken heartlines and lifelines 2 calls OPEN TO ALL!
Topic 10 – Samurai hand shape
Topic 11 – Joplin Tip hand shape type
Topic 12 – The Connoisseur hand shape

Advanced Threading (2016)

Advanced Threading Calls

print work
Access all 10 practical application classes where we combine fingerprint interpretation with line formations discussed in the theory calls. The advanced threading calls are invaluable for professional or advanced hand analysts as you learn how to one marker impacts on another and relates back to fingerprint/ life purpose or life lesson issues. If you are not reading hands regularly it is a good way to keep in shape and sharpen your reading skills.
$564 $407

Call 1 – Threading Jupiter lines and School of Service
Call 2 – Threading Saturn lines + School of love
Call 3 – Threading Apollo lines + School of Wisdom
Call 4 – Threading Mercury Lines and arches
Call 5 – Threading Don’t Worry be Happy + Via lascivia
Call 6 – Threading “Is anyone listening?” theme + chakra markers
Call 7 – Threading Venus Girdles + Worthy of love theme
Call 8 – Threading – Broken heartlines and lifelines 2 calls OPEN TO ALL!
Call 9 – Threading Samurai hand shape + the Pioneer fingerprints theme

Call 10- Threading Public Impact in the Healing Arts theme + Joplin Tip type

Client Communication Series (2016)

Client Communication

Get all 3 series above plus 8 more classes on client communication
where you can watch Richard in action demonstrating how he talks to clients
particularly about tricky markers.
43 calls in total.

$1836 $1397

Client Communication Replay pages
Call 1 – 4 very different clients
Call 2 – Love and Peace + Apollo line
Call 3 – Neptune Star and Don’t Worry be Happy theme
Call 4 – “Is any one listening’” life lesson
Call 5 – Apollos stars
Call 6 – How to talk to Elemental Earth types and others
Call 7 – Pioneer fingerprints and embedded whorls
Call 8 – Pioneer prints and embedded peacocks


Heart and Spiritual Journey Markers
Date Title Link

Heart and Spiritual Journey Markers 2015Access these calls here
Life Purpose Topic Calls
Date Title Link

Topic Calls – Life Purpose Access these calls here
Gift Markers Topic Calls
Date Title Link

4 Nov 2014
Simian Line Buy this call here

8 Oct 2014
HAL Buy this call here

2 Sep 2014
Seer Star Buy this call here

2 Aug 2014
Persephone and The Line of Clairvoyance Buy this call here

9 Jul 2014
Moon Stars, Neptune Stars, Pluto Stars Buy this call here

3 Jun 2014
Mars Stars and Star of Intention Buy this call here
gift markings, gift markers, hand analysis online classes, mercury star
6 May 2014
Lines of Genius and Mercury Stars Buy this call here
are you a gifted healer?, hand analysis online classes, scientific hand analysis, medical stigmata, gift markings, healer gift marker
1 Apr 2014
Gifted Healer Buy this call here
hand analysis classes online, gift marker series
4 Mar 2014
Apollo Star Buy this call here
Gift markers hand analysis classes
4 Feb 2014
Saturn Star Buy this call here
valedictorian hand marker, high achiever hand analysis marker, how to read a palm
7 Jan 2014
Jupiter Star Buy this call here

Topic Calls - Life Lessons

Date Title Link

March- Dec, 2013
10 Calls on the Life Lessons Register here for access

Feb, 2013
Delicious Dilemmas Register here for access

Jan, 2013
Gina Rehab Register here for access
Topic Calls - Soul Psychology & Other

Date Title Link

Dec, 2012
Grief and Rage Register here for access

Nov, 2012
Soul Tracking Part 1 and 2 Register here for access

Oct, 2012
Emotional Maturity and the four tasks of Psyche Register here for access

July, Aug, Sept
Three Axioms of Soul Psychology Register here for access

June, 2012
Famous Hands
Part 1 and 2
Register here for access

May, 2012
Hand Color and Transmutation Register here for access

April, 2012
The Desire System Register here for access

March, 2012
Living with purpose
The 39 Steps – Part 1 & 2
Register here for access

February, 2012
Procrastination Register here for access

January, 2012
Building a Successful Practice
Part 1 & 2
Register here for access
Problem - Solution Calls
Date Title Link

September 23, 2010
How depression shows up in hands Register here for access

October 27th, 2010
Burnout: How your Hands can help Register here for access

November 18, 2010
Can’t Say No Register here for access

December 16, 2010
Indecision Register here for access
desire pollution hand reading or palm reading marker
January 27, 2011
Don’t Know What You Want Register here for access
Relationship Problems
February 24, 2011
Solving Relationship Problems Register here for access
Inner Critic
March 24, 2011
Inner Critic Register here for access

April 21, 2011
Crossroads – A Life in Transition Register here for access

June 1, 2011
Composites Register here for access
hand analysis online classes with Richard Unger
June 28, 2011
The Challenges of the Super Talented Register here for access

July 7, 2011
Free Will vs Destiny
Register here for access

August 25, 2011
Responsibility vs Irresponsibility Register here for access
fear of showing up hand analysis class
September 29, 2011
Showing Up Register here for access
Child wearing a dunce cap
October 27, 2011
Fear of Success vs Fear of Failure Register here for access
Family Complications
November, 2011
Family complications Register here for access

December, 2011
Miscommunication Register here for access
Advanced Hand Shape Calls

Date Title Link

Advanced Hand Shapes Classes.
Moon, Mars, Venus and Advanced Tip Types.
More Info

2012 and 2013
Advanced Hand Shapes Course More Info here for access

Specialist Calls for Professional Hand Analysts

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Advanced Practice Classes - 2015
Date Title Link

Threading – Life Purpose Unlock Here
Advanced Practice Classes - 2014
Date Title Link

Threading – Gift Markers Unlock Here
Advanced Practice Classes - 2013
Date Title Link

Jan 2013
Threading – Gina Rehab Unlock Here

Feb 2013
Threading – Delicious Dilemmas Unlock Here

March – Dec 2013
Threading – The Life Lessons Replay pages

Advanced Practice Classes - 2012
Date Title Link

Dec 2012
Threading – Grief and Rage Unlock Here

Oct 2012
Threading – Four Tasks of Psyche Unlock Here

July, Aug, Sep 2012
Threading – Three Axioms of Soul Psychology Unlock Here

May, 2012
Threading – Hand Color Unlock Here

April, 2012
Threading – Desire System Unlock Here

February, 2012
Threading – Procrastination Unlock Here
Advanced Practice Classes - 2010 & 2011
Date Title Link

January 29, 2011
Threading – Don’t Know What I Want Don’t Know What I Want – Threading

March 03, 2011
Threading – Relationships Unlock Here

March 29, 2011
Threading – Inner Critic Unlock Here

April 28, 2011
Threading – Crossroads:
A Life in Transition
Unlock Here

June 9, 2011
Threading – Composites Unlock Here

July 6, 2011
Threading – Super Talented Unlock Here

September 13, 2011
Threading – Responsibility vs Irresponsibility Unlock Here

October 4, 2011
Threading – Showing Up Unlock Here

November, 2011
Threading – Success Vs Failure Unlock Here

November, 2011
Threading – Family Complications Unlock Here

December, 2011
Threading – Miscommunication Unlock Here

Foundation classes by Jena Griffiths

Foundation Classes by Jena Griffiths

This series has now been updated access in the new shop

Date Title Link

Personality Markers – Hand Analysis Foundation Classes

Life purpose Decoding Classes
Soul Psychology
Mindfulness at your Fingertips

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Take a video tour of the new foundation course to see if it’s for you

If you have purchased the new 24 module series access it in your Earthuni reference library.