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Individual Series

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Problem Orientated Topics – Theory & Practice Classes

27 classes – 15 topics and 12 print work classes
This series focuses on burning question topics such as: depression, burnout, indecision, don’t know what you want, crossroads, relationship problems, irresponsibility, inner critic, family complications, showing up, procrastination, fear of success, free will vs destiny…and many more and how these issues show up in hands in various ways and how they show up often leads to a unique solution.
In this series we also looked at also looked at the meaning of composite fingerprints on specific locations and also multiple gift markings.
15 hot topics + 12 learning the art of combining hand markers with fingerprints (advanced threading practice)
27 calls – both topic and print work classes

Soul Psychology – Both Theory and Print work Classes

24 classes
This series focuses on soul psychology, how to unlock one’s purpose using the 4 stages of activation and numerous soul tracking techniques. This material is usually only covered in advanced yearlong courses and also extends beyond what is taught in class. Life purpose activation- the 39 Steps to living your purpose. We also explored how the 4 Tasks of Psyche relates to hands, the 3 axioms of soul psychology and how the desire system (heart lines) can be used to fine tune soul psychology. This series contains 4 additional topics that are not specifically soul psychology: hand colour and transmutation, famous hands, and two calls on building a successful hand analysis practice.
13 theory classes plus 11 print work classes to deepen this theory through hands on practice.
24 classes in total.

12 topic and 12 print work classes.

lifePrints by Richard Unger, life lessons
The Life Lessons – Both Theory and Print work Classes
24 classes

10 classes focusing on the ten main life lessons.
We also did one theory class on “Delicious dilemmas” and
one class on Gina (passion) Rehabilitation.
24 classes in total: 12 Theory Calls plus 12 practice/Advanced Threading Calls to reinforce the theory and answer queries.

24 both topic and print work classes.

The Gift Markers – Both Theory and Print work Classes
24 classes

We explored the up and down side of Gift markers, covering 17 gift markers over 12 theory classes. 12 Theory Calls plus 12 practice/Advanced Threading Classes to reinforce the theory and answer queries. 24 classes in total. Jupiter stars, Saturn stars, Apollo stars, Healer lines, Mercury stars plus lines of genius, Mars stars plus star of intention, Moon stars, Neptune stars and Pluto stars, Persephone and the line of clairvoyance, Seer stars, Hal headline / Octopus Brain, Simian line, Pure Heart, Venus Stars.

12 theory + 12 classes learning the art of combining gift markers with fingerprints (advanced threading practice)

24 both topic and print work classes.

The Life Purposes – Both Theory and Print workClasses

24 classes
We cover in depth the fourteen life purposes in 12 theory classes
plus 12 classes looking at hand print examples and threading/combining fingerprint themes with line formations to find the key message.

24 classes. 12 topic and 12 print work classes

hand shape archetypes, hand analysis online classes, Richard Unger and Jena Griffiths

Advanced Hand Shapes – two series

56 Classes
These two series together cover 28 advanced hand shapes and 28 hand print query classes on each type, in total 56 classes.
Train your eyes to tell the difference between complex hand shapes and be able to integrate this insight into your readings. Normally this material is only covered in the advanced yearlong or Master Hand analyst classes.
We covered all the mythological shapes and also numerous tip types and finger zone types.
Master of my Domain, Big Ideas, Man or Woman of Action, The Red Queen, Forest Ranger, Professor, Hephaestus, The Musician, Artisan, Web Designer, Actress, Ballet Dancer, Just Plain Smart, Sherlock, Hot Ideas, Inner Inquiry, The Storyteller & the Herald, The Philosopher, Tinkerer & Mad Scientist, The Expert, The Home maker (Conic), The Patriarch, The Riverboat gambler, The Advocate, The Cosmic Staircase, The Judge, The Tycoon, The Starlet. We also looked at numerous hand print queries to further train our eyes to spot finer differences.

28 classes hand shape theory + 28 pattern recognition calls + learning the art of combining hand shape with fingerprints (advanced threading practice)
hand shape archetypes

56 Advanced Shapes classes

Heart & Spiritual Journey Markers – Both Theory and Practice Classes

18 classes

In this series we cover all Challenge Markers.
Learn how to discuss the positive side and opportunity for growth in some of severe challenge indicators.
Series 1 – Others’ needs vs my own: Desire Pollution, Burden of Expectation, Selfishness Point, Series 2 – Emotional Confrontation Avoidance: D Fork, Co-Dependency, The Ladder, Grand Gesture, Series 2 – Living In Disguise Markers: Clark Kent, Gina in Donna Clothes, Sand Bagger, Nice Garden Syndrome, Short Upper Apollo, Water Cooler Psychiatrist. Series 4 – Dark Side Markers: Star of Tears, other Saturn Ring, Neptune Frown, Girdle Frown, Zindler Frown, Lover’s Frown, Abyss Line, Jacob’s Ladder. Series 5 – Compensatory attraction: Mate Selection Indicators. Series 6 – Attack Lines and opportunity for growth. Series 7 – Dangling XXX’s, Diamonds and Boxes. Series 8 – Love at First Sight, Sisyphus, Pyramus-Thisbe. Series 9 – Beyond my ability to cope markers: Jacob’s Ladder and Reverse Jacob’s Ladder, String of Lights.

9 theory + 9 learning the art of combining heart and spiritual journey markers with fingerprints (advanced threading practice)

18 classes – 9 topic and 9 advanced print work classes

friend vs foe

Soul tracking Classes

12 classes
This series covers four valuable classes on advanced Soul Tracking Exercises. Ways to guide your clients (or yourself) specific to each of the 4 schools: love, peace, service and wisdom. We also explored four common Life Lesson fingerprint patterns (Allies in disguise), how you can get them to work in your favor rather than against you: Don’t worry be happy, No-one listens to me, Mr Not Enough and Worthy of love.
Discussing this pattern’s unique:
Exalted version
in different hand shapes
with different fingerprint types
Plus a series of exercises for each pattern that helps you turn your lesson into part of your support team. We also covered four Life Purpose “Best Life” scenarios: “The Shaman”, “The Pioneer”, “Public Impact in the Healing Arts” and “The Big Shot” archetypes or fingerprint pattern combinations.

broken life line

Line Formation classes
12 classes

This is a good series for beginners. The reference notes that given with these video classes are extensive and extremely generous. (A great source of information if you can’t take the yearlong and also a great way to refresh and update your knowledge to more recent thinking.
Verticals Lines: Jupiter line variations, Saturn line variations, Apollo line variations, Mercury line variations Minor lines: Via lascivia lines, Venus Girdles Broken lines: Broken life lines and broken heart lines The Chakras – two classes
In this series we also covered a few more hand shape variations:
The Samurai hand shape, Joplin Tip type and The Connoisseur hand shape.

print work

Query and practice threading classes for graduate students

10 more advanced practice classes
In this series practiced combining fingerprints themes with line formations and hand shape themes over ten calls covering the soul and palm shape/marker themes of the previous two series.
There are also 50 other 1h30 advanced print work classes available in the library as threading practice for grad students

Client Communication classes

24 clients have their hands analysed over 8 classes
Talking to clients is another whole skill set. Sharpen your communication skills when discussing hand markers with a client. Watch Richard Unger in action as he discusses hands with 24 clients over 8 classes.


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