Heart and Spiritual Journey Marker Series

Heart and Spiritual Journey markers

We explored markers that take us deep into our own spiritual journey.
Heart and Spiritual Journey markers
Series 1 – Others’ needs vs mine Desire Pollution, Burden of Expectation, Selfishness Point
Series 2 – Emotional Confrontation Avoidance D Fork, Co-Dependency, The Ladder, Grand Gesture
Series 3 – Living In Disguise Markers: Clark Kent, Gina in Donna
Clothes, Sand Bagger, Nice Garden Syndrome, Short Upper Apollo, Water
Cooler Psychiatrist
Series 4 – Dark side markers: Star of Tears, Saturn Ring, Neptune
Frown, Girdle Frown, Zindler Frown, Lover’s Frown, Abyss Line, Jacob’s
Series 5 – Compensatory attraction: Mate Selection Indicators
Series 6 – Attack Lines and the opportunity for growth
Series 7 – Dangling XXX’s, Diamonds and Boxes
Series 8 – Love at First Sight, Sisyphus, Pyramus-Thisbe
Series 9 – Beyond my Ability to Cope markers: Jacob’s Ladder and Reverse Jacob’s Ladder, String of Lights

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Who is Richard Unger?
Richard is the world authority on hand analysis and the teacher of all other certified hand analysis teachers. Over the last 40 years his contribution to the world of hand interpretation has been nothing short of phenomenal. In 1977 he decoded Gift Markers. A few years later he went on to decode life purpose from fingerprints. He also decoded many heart and spiritual journey formations. His most recent work is on advanced hand shape archetypes, personality and and career indicators. Richard has personally read over 60 000 pairs of hands. He is founder of the International Institute of hand Analysis and author of LifePrints: deciphering your life purpose from your fingerprints.