Is there a positive side to the inner critic?

By Jena Griffiths | April 7, 2011

Our next call on the inner critic is with Vaishàli Vaishàli of Purple Haze Press and you are what you love radio show.
purple haze press
Vaishàli is a survivor of the inner predator and a woman of my own heart. She wears only purple. And knows how to play. A student of Swedenborg with a wonderful website called

We’ll be diving deeper into the dark places the inner critic takes us but looking for light.
Is there perhaps a positive side to the inner critic?

I’m really looking forward to hearing what Vaishàli has to say about this next Thursday.

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Date and Time: 7am Pacific, 4 pm Central Europe 14 April 2011 Listening method: Phone or Web Simulcast
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