Interview with Richard Moss is today!

By jennagriffiths | February 4, 2011

“The worst thing that can happen to you is a thought!” Richard Moss

Richard’s new book Inside-Out healing launched this week.
He is just at the start of his European Tour.

ebooks by Richard Moss

Buy it as an eBook via Amazon

I’ll be interviewing him in a few hours for Earth School. 2pm Swiss/Central European Time.
Register here or simply log in to get the event page.

This interview will stay up as a permanent resource inside Earth School for whenever you need it.

Who is Richard Moss?

Richard Moss European tour

Richard Moss MD

Richard is a profound spiritual teacher and can really help you come to grips practical spirituality.
Particularly regarding bringing yourself into the present and with conscious partnership.
For his full bio and register for the call.

I have a series of his lectures in my car. Every time I get into my car he says something utterly profound.
Don’t miss this important call.
More about Richard Moss and his European Tour this February and March.

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