Do you have a harsh inner critic

By jennagriffiths | March 15, 2011

This month in Earth School we’re dealing with the inner critic.
A topic that’s very close to my heart.

dealing with ANTS (automatic negative thoughts)

Learning to live with an inner predator

This theme is my own personal black hole.
It’s what causes my heart to contract.
My mud to get shaken up.
And all the blood to run out of my veins.

Richard Unger calls one theme related to this “Mr Not Enough”
and maps nine different versions in people’s fingerprints.

If you have mr Not Enough as your “life lesson”
then it’s your purpose to explore this theme in all its shades
of grey and purple. It’s your hot topic. Your life’s thesis
in what Unger calls “Earth University.”

There are many ways to do this.

Some people talk about managing your ANTS? (Automatic negative thoughts)
about yourself, your worthiness and what you are doing or not doing….

The trick is to disassociate from these thoughts.
This is where sub- personalities like “Mr Not Enough”
are useful because they help us see the thoughts as separate from ourselves.

Think of Mr NE as a character.
Mr Ne.Gate?

He’s always with you. Some days he’s more active and vocal than other days.
On a good day he’s a friend. An inner ally. Maybe a bossy coach or teacher.
On a bad day he’s an inner enemy.
Almost a vicious predator. Or wild gunman
who surfaces in your dreams and
tramples sacred sanctuaries shooting all your children.

So, how to turn such a monster into an ally?

One way of dealing with a destructive Mr NE
is to create another inner ally
(a friendly sub personality).
Someone who supports you through thick and thin
with unconditional love.

I call this part of me my “inner granny”.
Play with it and see if it works for you.

Mine is called “Granny Griffiths” after my real granny.
She counterbalances Mr NE saying things like:
“There there dear. Don’t listen to him.
He’s just a grumpy old fool. And actually he’s got a good heart.
It’s hard to believe but he means well. Really he is.
He’s trying to help you!”

If you’d like to model your own inner granny on mine, here is something I wrote about grannies and
inner grannies about 2 years ago.

This month in Earth School I’ve invited 2 Richards to come and talk to you
on “dealing with the inner critic”.

After a life long study of this theme,
I find that these two men have the best solutions for dealing with this topic.

The date of the interview with Richard Moss is 1 April 2011.
The date with Richard Unger is on 24 March 2011.
This is a specialist call explaining how the inner critic shows up in your hands
and how your hands give you resources for dealing with this internal predator.

News Flash: As usual, Richard Unger is full of surprises.He says he won’t be focusing on Mr Not Enough on this call. There are other markers and fingerprints that are much more relevant. I’m curious to hear what he has to say.

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