Inhabiting your life purpose

By Jena Griffiths | February 5, 2015

“Life purpose is a consciousness to inhabit, not an action to take.” Richard Unger

I’ve written my thoughts on doing vs being here and how the first step needs to be yin rather than yang.
Plus here’s another article I came across you might like to read called the paradox of non-doing.

But how does one inhabit (or take ownership of) one’s purpose instead of trying harder “to do it”?

Here are some tips I’ve come across:
Choose one that resonates with you. They are all pretty similar.
Neale Donald Walsch – think back and recall the times you were living your purpose. Try to recall and relive that feeling. (get into the feeling state)
Vision boarding – draw a picture or collect images from magazines that symbolize you living your purpose and post them on your vision board or in your journal.
Mike Dooley – spend 5 minutes per day visualizing yourself living your purpose (make it very vivid involving all the senses. Get into the feeling state. Feel how you will feel. Eg sensations of what is going one, people patting you on the back etc. This is more important than knowing what you are doing exactly.
Why no more than 5 minutes? You need to spend most of your time in the present.
Jack Canfield – Sit with your fingertips touching. Imagine a white light rising up through your left foot filling your body gradually with white light. It goes all the way through the left side filling it with light then crosses over to the right through your brain, then fills the entire right side of your body, arms legs. Do this 3x. Then visualize yourself 5 years into the future living your purpose. Make this as vivid as possible.

Dr Maltz/Psychoscybernetics – your self image governs your behavior. It won’t act on any goals that do not match your belief about yourself. You change your self image through active imagination/theater of the mind and visual imagery.

Jane Houston – make physical contact with your higher self on a daily basis. Imagine this being of light in front of you and touch hands.
Ricco – in my one hand I hold that I am helpless, in my other hand I hold that I am omnipotent.
Similarly: “Wisdom is knowing that I am nothing, love is knowing I am everything, and in between my life moves.” Nisargadatta Maharaj (I think Genpo Roshi has a similar exercise. )
Also, any mindfulness technique to bring yourself into feeling in the present:
a good example, Richard Moss – the Mandela of Being. Arnold Patient and many others ……
Here’s a simple exercise from me based on all of above + an image to help.
Whenever you feel you are not whatever you feel you should be, or don’t have whatever you feel you should have,
imagine a light gradually getting brighter and brighter, radiating out of your heart sending out the very thing you feel you lack.
In other words, recognize your own divinity and be the source.
Your life purpose is how you have chosen to express “being the source”,

If you can think of other techniques please put them in the comments below.

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