How to let go of someone

By Jena Griffiths | June 25, 2012

I used Phyllis Krystal’s figure of 8 exercise and her cutting ties ritual just before my divorce a few years ago. It was really effective and I often recommend it to clients who want to let go of someone or something. Or who want to strengthen their boundaries or their ability to say no.
This coming Thursday Phyllis Krystal will walk us through this exercise herself, in the first of our weekly calls “Thursdays with Phyllis”.
This will be the start of weekly calls with Phyllis, on tools for everyday life. How to handle things and survive difficult situations.
These are great tools to use yourself and to share with clients, friends and family.
When and how long will these calls be?

The live call will be every Thursday at 2 pm Central Europe, 1pm UK, 8am Eastern US. Elsewhere.

If you can’t make the live call then pre-submit any questions you have. Phyllis will answer them during the live call and the recording will be available in the Phyllis Krystal Room.
Each call will be half an hour, longer if there are lots of questions.
Register for updates if you’d like to be reminded on the day.
Like to start using this exercise right away?
Here’re the basics to get started:
Image a golden circle around yourself an arm’s length all the way round.
Now image a second circle the same size. The 2 golden circles are on the ground, touching but not overlapping.
Put the other person in the second circle.
Now image a blue neon light going clockwise round the other person and anti-clockwise around you in a figure of eight formation.
(If the person was or is abusive they may try to leave the circle.
Phyllis will help us with this and other situations on Thursday).
Keep visualizing the neon blue light making a figure of 8 around the two of you.
If you have an questions related to this technique, type them into the question box in the Phyllis Krystal Room. You’ll learn the full technique on Thursday.
Phyllis Krystal letting go

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