How does the universe work?

By Jena Griffiths | November 13, 2014

By far the best explanation I’ve come across so far.
Brilliant! And so simple as a concept which makes me think it probably is accurate.
A new blueprint for reality? Eleven dimensions. Wow!
At the moment this is just a highly controversial idea by an out of the box thinker.

TedX Boulder. Thad Roberts reveals a theory that could prove to be the key in simplification of the various complexities of quantum mechanics, space, and time.

Note: There is no mathematical theory yet. At this stage it is just a breathtaking hypothesis.
Hopefully it will help astrophysicists step outside their given assumptions and try a radically new approach.
New breakthroughs always start off by being considered a ridiculous idea (like the Earth being round etc.)…particularly by the people who have the most invested in the older theories (In this case, the ruling science community).
More on paradigm shift and the stages any new idea has to go through before it gains acceptance.

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