How an unfair Swiss train fine saved me thousands

By Jena Griffiths | June 15, 2013

I wrote this story in 2009 and posted it on the zaadz/Gaia blog site which was eventually shut down.
I was looking for where it was posted and realized it’s no longer “out there”.
I think it’s an important story about seeing your life symbolically.
A great Saturn Story. So I’m reposting it here. It could save you or someone else a lot of pain.
SBB and saturn lessons

Every single thing that happens in your life has a positive reason. 

This is hard to believe sometimes.
Especially right when its happening to you. And what’s happening seems totally unfair and awful.
In that moment it feels like you’re in hell.
And no-one cares except you.
SURPRISINGLY what’s happening is for your benefit.
And, if you don’t see this, you’ll get the same thing happening
again and again in more extreme forms.
Here’s an example from my life
fresh off the press.
(If you have no time to read, there is a summary at the end)
The other day I got a totally unfair train fine from SBB.
How did it happen?
I missed my usual train. (hey, I’m a foreigner in Switzerland.)
I decided to go in the other direction to catch a connecting train.
I clicked my ticket, then realized my mistake. (I needed one with 1 more zone)
so I gasped ‘oh no!’
A women standing there asked me what was wrong.
I explained I needed a ticket with 1 more zone.
She tried to help me buy a zone extension ticket (press *102) but
she pressed *002. This is for a class upgrade, not a zone extension!
I didn’t see this error. I  thanked her for being so helpful.
I got on the train thinking I had a valid ticket.
A train conductor came and said ‘No. you’re riding illegally.
You’ve got a class upgrade, not a zone extension!’
(Actually he was happy with my ticket until I took the trouble to show him that
I had specially bought what I thought was a zone extension! )
I tried to explain. He said, too bad. The fact is, your ticket is not valid.
He gave me an 80 franc fine.
If I had one mm more testosterone in my blood I would have hit him.
Why? It was obvious it was an unintentional  mistake. I felt he could be more understanding.
Also he wouldn’t have noticed the zones if I hadn’t pointed it out.
It was an accident. I felt it wasn’t my fault. I was extremely upset.
But he is trained to be impartial. He was just doing his job.
Why did this happen?
I woke up in the middle of the night with the answer.
I needed to be urgently reminded that I am responsible for taking care of the nitty gritty details.
Don’t leave the details to others even if their intentions are good
(even in they’re the good Samaritan).
Better I learn this lesson for 80 francs, than for 8000 or 80 000 or more in my business.
In Switzerland, Swiss train conductors are my life teachers.
They teach me things for 100 Francs that normally get taught
for thousands more.
A fine is just a warning from the universe to watch out.
Be more conscious. Pay attention to detail in other more important areas of your life.
In this case, to not leave crucial elements to others, even if they are well meaning.
So what has this to do with you?
Think of similar things in your own life.
When something bad or unfair happens.
What’s the bigger picture?
What spiritual lesson is this teaching you?
How will it save you from something much worse later.
Why should you think like this?
It will shift your energy immediately.
You will know you are ok. You are not alone. You are living in a supportive universe.
This thought will shift you from living in hell on earth to living in heaven on earth.
How does this relate to your hands?
Your fingerprints show the main buttons in your life.
What issues drop you into hell. What lifts you immediately.
To learn more, here’s a free report on how to figure
out your own fingerprints and what they mean.

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